During this difficult time for us all we have decided to continue providing Tour Services as long as possible during the current outbreak of The Corona Virus.

Our vehicles are always regularly serviced and cleaned but we will be taking extra precautions during The Corona Virus outbreak.  All the vehicle door handles, seat belts and other points of contact are being sanitized before, during and after each tour.  Sanitized wipes will be provided for you in our vehicles.

We understand, and appreciate, that many people will have justifiable reservations about booking a tour and yet want to be able to tour with us on arrival in Ireland so we are making temporary changes to our booking arrangements.  We are only taking a deposit of €75 regardless of the size of the vehicle or the duration of the tour. For bookings made on or after March 19th, 2020 that subsequently need to cancel because of Corona Virus we will refund 90% of the deposit provided we receive a minimum of 72 hours notice of cancellation. We will make a refund to you, or at your discretion hold the full deposit against a future booking.

Roundstone is a very popular holiday resort renowned among artists and naturalists for the outstanding beauty of the surrounding mountains and seascapes. It has a traditional craft centre and local activities include Connemara Pottery, Connemara Jewellery and Musical Instrument making.

Farming, Fishing,  Forestry and Quarrying are all carried out extensively in the surrounding area. The village derives its name from the Irish “Cloch Na Ron” or Rock of the Seals

Roundstone has a busy harbour where local fishermen land the day’s catch, featuring a mix of Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Mackerel, Cod plus a wide selection of other seafood. Roundstone has a good selection of Pubs and Restaurants providing locally caught seafood. As you stroll through the town you will discover some fantastic craft shops and cafés. 

The village was founded by the Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo who, as engineer for the Western District, built houses, roads and harbours throughout the West of Ireland. 

The area is more than an area of scenic beauty but is also rich in points of historical and geological  interest. The remains of several early Christian settlements have been discovered on the islands along this coast. At the northern point of Inishnee  (the long island across the bay from Roundstone) are the remains of an ancient monument to Saint Brendan. From the southern point there is an impressive lighthouse that casts its beacon across Croaghnakeela and St. Macdara’s islands out across the Atlantic Ocean. Two miles north of Roundstone lie The ruins of a 15th century Dominican Priory founded by the O’Flaherty family lie two miles north of Roundstone.

The bell tower of the Franciscan Monastery is an impressive nautical landmark used by local fishermen. Right beside the tower there is a craft centre which is home to Roundstone Musical Instruments. A visit is a must for anyone with an interest in Traditional Irish Music. You will be warmly welcomed by Malachy Kearns or his wife Gifty.  Malachy makes the traditional Bodhrán here and you can see, and hear, a fantastic range of this beautiful traditional percussion instrument.

Haven For Art and Artists

Over the years Roundstone village in Connemara has attracted national and international artists to work in Roundstone. Roundstone thus features in many famous works of art. In Roundstone itself, you will find numerous works of art in local peoples homes and local businesses. There are also galleries such as Yvonne Kings Studio and the Stable Gallery which features more contemporary art. Artists also exhibit in the bars and Hotels.

"Not wanting to do the typical "bus tour" of Ireland, and not wanting to drive on the left, I booked a tour with Ireland West Tours. We hiked to remote churches, visited little known Tower houses/castles...all things that our amazing guide, Paul, was able to recommend. This was worth every single penny."

Marsha, Minnesota, USA


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Satisfying the customer 

Over the years we have had several compliments on our drivers from many of our satisfied customers. Click on the link to "Tripadvisor" below to read, in full, the reviews of some of our many happy customers.

"Paul seemed to know just the right amount of time to stop and see things and was very knowledgable and interesting. Even though we had a long day, we wish it lasted longer and felt like we were saying goodbye to a friend when he dropped us off."

Beanie, New York, USA


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