During this difficult time for us all we have decided to continue providing Tour Services as long as possible during the current outbreak of The Corona Virus.

Our vehicles are always regularly serviced and cleaned but we will be taking extra precautions during The Corona Virus outbreak.  All the vehicle door handles, seat belts and other points of contact are being sanitized before, during and after each tour.  Sanitized wipes will be provided for you in our vehicles.

We understand, and appreciate, that many people will have justifiable reservations about booking a tour and yet want to be able to tour with us on arrival in Ireland so we are making temporary changes to our booking arrangements.  We are only taking a deposit of €75 regardless of the size of the vehicle or the duration of the tour. For bookings made on or after March 19th, 2020 that subsequently need to cancel because of Corona Virus we will refund 90% of the deposit provided we receive a minimum of 72 hours notice of cancellation. We will make a refund to you, or at your discretion hold the full deposit against a future booking.

Maam is a lovely wooded town land beside some great fishing lakes. The ancient woods give the place a magical feel, overshadowed by the Maamturk Mountains with their numerous pre-historic and early historic sites.

There is an angling centre in this magnificent valley where the Failmorem Bealanabrack and Joyce's River come together on their way to Lough Corrib. The Kilmeelickin Church at Maam (Maum) houses the stained glass window of St. Brendan (1950)by Dublin born Evie Hone (1894 - 1955).

On the way to or from Leenane you will see a signpost for 'Leaba Pháiric' (Patrick's bed), a rock recess and 'Tobar Pháiric' (Patrick's well) which mark a place of pilgrimage, they were traditionally visited on the last Sunday in July, but less so nowadays. The well was believed to cure cattle as well as some human ills.

Maam was one of the main locations for the making of the classic movie, The Quiet Man. In the film the cottage can be seen in the background but sadly over the years it has been neglected, and Quiet Man fans have removed stones as souvenirs. Still in working order is the nearby footbridge over the stream where Sean stood the first night he entered the cottage.


"Not wanting to do the typical "bus tour" of Ireland, and not wanting to drive on the left, I booked a tour with Ireland West Tours. We hiked to remote churches, visited little known Tower houses/castles...all things that our amazing guide, Paul, was able to recommend. This was worth every single penny."

Marsha, Minnesota, USA


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Satisfying the customer 

Over the years we have had several compliments on our drivers from many of our satisfied customers. Click on the link to "Tripadvisor" below to read, in full, the reviews of some of our many happy customers.

"Paul seemed to know just the right amount of time to stop and see things and was very knowledgable and interesting. Even though we had a long day, we wish it lasted longer and felt like we were saying goodbye to a friend when he dropped us off."

Beanie, New York, USA


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